Removing Top Level Category/Prefix From WordPress Permalinks

by on December 3, 2011

Once again, I hope I have spare time in the future to update and refine this post to benefits others but for now, I will just slam this short post on how to ‘fix’ and take out the Top Level category or the prefix category text that is in the WordPress blog permalink structure.

I have a site that keeps getting “Non Existing Post” something error when I click on the Category then Next Page.

During that time I have the Top Level Category Plugin installed (I”ve been playing around with Siloing, hence)  and when I disable that plugin, all is good.

I read from the WordPress forum that there is a fix from that issue and I also tried FV Top Level Category plugin (from the same author) and that didn’t work.  I still have the 404 error when I click on Next Page from the Category page.

Finally, from the same forum, I installed WP No Category Base which also says “Removes ‘/category’ from your category permalinks” and, yes, that little plugin made everything ok. It worked.

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