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by on October 2, 2009

An idea, a business idea… a very good business idea just popped out in my mind and I must write it down here now, not later, not tonight, not tomorrow, but now.

“So, what is it?”, you might ask. I am thinking of doing a blogging business! I’m thinking hiring a couple of, young dynamic, internet literate individuals to do the blogging for me. Not only will my blogs have constant, daily updates, I will also be helping those youngster with an extra income (for cellphone loads, or for movies what have you).

Unique. This idea I’m thinking, for me is unique. Yeah, maybe someone already tried it out, heck I even blog for someone else before doing SEO. I said this is unique because I will be giving them blogs about people with interesting personality. The blogger will live their lives! Tama ba? Basta ganon.

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